1.    Q: What are proper ways to care for my wood furniture?
A: In order to maintain the beauty of your furniture, proper attention and care must be given to it. Even furniture that is not used will become soiled if not cleaned and polished on a regular basis. Even the air in what is assumed to be very clean households carry dust, pollen and other contaminants that will, over time, cause furniture finishes to loose their value by the accumulation of soil and by 'drying out' the lacquer topcoats. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to clean and polish or wax your furniture on a regular basis.
Selection of Polish
The base product used in most commercially available furniture polishes are either liquid soap based or oil based. Oil based and liquid Soap polishes help to renew the luster or shine on furniture finishes and also perform well in removing fingerprints, dust and grease. Oil based polishes also help to protect the finish by 'moisturizing' it as the emollients slightly soak into the lacquer and wood pores in a similar effect as using moisturizing lotion on our skin. Since oil based polishes normally raise the sheen level of finishes, they are recommended and perform best on satin and glossy finishes. 
Proper use of Polishes
For best results, liquid soap and polishes should be sprayed directly from the can or bottle onto the furniture finish. We suggest you to polish once in every two weeks to keep it shine. It can be wrap it in cotton, towels, sponge, etc. It doesn’t take too much time to wrap. The clean material could be Mr. Min, etc.
2.   Q: Can I purchase directly from Excel Furniture Manufacturer?
A: Yes, You are more than welcome to purchase directly from us.
3.    Q: How long does it take for Excel Furniture Manufacturer to make my piece of Furniture and what is the lead time?
A: Once you have paid the 50% deposit, it takes us 3-4 days to manufacturer/deliver your furniture. Depend on what items/piece? Transport Fee is Chargeable. The price is variable depend on the distance. It’s only available around in KZN, South Africa.
4.    Q: What wood is the furniture made out of?
A: Our Furniture is made out different type of wood, depend on what product you looking for. Available wood are as follows:
             = >  Chipboard (Colour are available in Natural Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, etc)
             = > Melamine (Colour are available in Natural oak, Mahogany, Cherry, etc)
             = >  Pine (Colour are available in Silkwood, Dark and White, etc)
             = >  MDF/Supawood (Colour are available is depend on Customer, etc)
             = >  Saligna (Colour is only available in Wooden)
5.    Q: Do you make custom-made Furniture?
A: Yes, we can basically make anything! We do kitchen built in as well as custom make furniture for interior designers, architects and customers. If you have a design that you like, please contact us for a quote. If you would like to change dimensions of an existing product that we have to suit your space, this is also possible.
6.    Q: How do I place an order?
A: You can buy the product on our website via Purchase Order Form. This will then be delivered to you once we receive the fully payment. Alternatively, please feel free to email or contact us and place an order ways. We accept EFT/Cheque payments if you order through Email/Fax. Proof of Payment is required. In further, see more in Account terms and condition.
7.    Q: Do I have to pay the entire amount upfront?
A: If you order through the website, then yes. But if you order through email, you can pay a 50% deposit and then 50% on the completion of the piece.
8.    Q: I like one of your pieces but it doesn’t fit in my space. Can you change the dimensions?

A: We can definitely do that. Please email us your dimensions and we will get back to you with a quote.
9.    Q: Why should I buy Excel furniture Manufacturer instead of other manufacturers?

A. Consider the details. When it comes to quality and comfort, look no further than Excel Furniture. The Excel Furniture Manufacturer name is a highly recognized name that is synonymous with quality all furnishings. For over 40 years, millions of happy consumers have been coming all to quality all furnishings manufactured in our state-of-the-art factories. We’ve spent many years testing, re-testing, producing and using our products. We never rest on our past achievements because we recognize that we must remain on the leading edge of technology and quality in order to satisfy our customers. We continually bring new and exciting ideas to the marketplace... ideas that find our customers returning, years later, to replace their old Excel furniture with new styles. Our desire is to stand above the crowd in regards to quality all furnishings. We want to be the best at what we do. We want you, our customers, to be completely comfortable with the quality, comfort and styling of our products for years to come.
10. Q: Are all Excel Furniture products shown on the web site?

A: Our web site is designed to show only a sample of the products we offer. We are constantly adding and removing images on the site but we do not show all products at one time. Please contact our salesperson for more info.
11. Q: Can I paid up my order and make collection later?
A: Yes, You can. But please be aware that we only guarantee keep the stock maximum in 2 weeks. More than 2 weeks, the fee is chargable. R 50 per day. After a month, still no collection, we then will sell the good to the other vaule customers.

12. Q: Is Discount available of Excel Furniture Manufacturer?
The price is always negotiable if you can show us the proof that our price is higher than other company. Limit of Quantity do effect price.

13. Q: Who should I contact to determine the status of my furniture order?
A: As we have different salesperson in different product, so please see as follows:
  Sale Person: Angel/Dumusani = > All of Home Furniture
      Sale Person: Angel = > All of School/office Furniture

      Sale Person/Manager: Judy = > All of Product, include Home/School/Office Furniture & Stationery, Jungle Gym, Toys, etc